1st Hungarian X-Wing Nationals

For the first time we will held the Hungarian National Championships!


2017.10.03. – X-Wing Lotto / Playmats

We are interested how you think about the winning list and player of the 1st Hungarian X-Wing National Championship! Who give us the most accurate answers will win Annaual Hungexpo Entry Ticket! If there is a tie we will make a lot between the bests!

You canfind the questions here: https://goo.gl/forms/ptH3gcQR0zZseFEI3 and the lotto is open until friday midnight! We annaunce the winner at the awarding ceremony on Sunday!

A few words about the playmats: We would like to kindly thank you for all your support and donations of the playmats. As we count we will have much more playmats than we need so we ask all of you who offered their help that only those who could lend their playmat for both days shall bring their playmat. No worries though. We will give the reward for everybody who offered us their help and filled the provided form 😉

2017. 09. 27 – Dear Players, today is the day where we talk about our gracious sponsors and the prizes they offered for you trough us plus additional events they made possible!
1.) First of all our biggest thank you goes to HungExpo, because they not only provided the place for the championship but they kindly offered a full year entry to Hungexpo for the winner of an upcoming Quiz! No worries, you’ll hear more about it very soon.
2.) As many of you know the MondoCon will be held at the exact same time at HungExpo. The organizers of MondoCon kindly offered all of you (the National Championship players) a free entry to their event as well. You read that correctly… With the National Championship ticket you can also visit MondoCon!!! Huge thanks for them!
3.) Micro Art Studio Poland offered 4 amazing set of acrylic X-Wing maneuver templates, and additional 4 set of acrylic tokens. Half of these will go tho the best players on the Hangar Bay event, and half them will be awarded to those players, who present the most beautifully custom painted ship to us. You can register and read the rules of this mini event until 6. October 2017. 24:00 at this link: https://goo.gl/forms/BuA1Q8BqPMQ2HXBh2
4.) I’d like to present the offering of the BarCraft eSport Pub: the gift vouchers for the finest cocktails of the galaxy and more, which will be given the most successful players of the main event, so they can celebrate their victory as they should. (Drinks in BarCraft 2 for 5000 HUF / 3000 HUF / 1000 HUF, 10 board game coupons, 10 potion coupons).
5.) Drenus’ Art (the a graphic designer studio of the wonderfully painted Hangar Bay loots, and the event tickets) kindly offered the most badass Darth Vader pilot card. On Monday I will tell you who will entitled to this card.
Yet again I would like thank all our sponsors, because without them, we could not brought you this event in this quality!

2017.09.21 – Event Location Update / Timetable / Tickets

Dear players, I’ve seen the exact location of the event and I must say I’m pretty amazed, and it will be the ever best location in the Hungarian X-Wing event history for which we own a very big thank you to our biggest sponsor the HungExpo!

The entry point and the registration for the event location is at Gate 2, and the championship will be held in Pavilon 25.


By car: parking is all along the Albertirsai street. For Google maps please follow this link!

By public transport: the Bus #10 stops exactly at Gate 2, and depurtures from every 10-15 minutes.


Saturday – Swiss
8:00 8:45 Registration
9:00 9:10 Setup
9:20 10:35 1st match
10:50 12:05 2nd match
12:05 13:50 Lunch break
14:00 15:15 3rd match
15:40 16:55 4th match
17:20 18:35 5th match
18:50 20:05 6th match
20:20 21:00 Announcement of results
Sunday – TOP 16
8:00 8:45 Registration
9:15 10:30 TOP16 match
11:00 12:15 TOP8 match
12:15 14:00 Lunch break
14:15 15:30 Semi-Final
16:30 18:30 Final
19:00 20:00 Award ceremony
Sunday – Hangar Bay
8:00 8:45 Registration
9:30 10:45 1st match
11:15 12:30 2nd match
12:30 14:30 Lunch break
14:30 15:45 3rd match


I have a special request for all participants! Please take the time window for the registration very seriously, because we will close the gates after 8:45 each day and we cannot guaranty the entry of the late comers.

We will do our best to stick with the timetable, but minor alterations can be adapted during the course of the tournament.


Each player will recieve a custom made Pilot Card with a unique call sign at the registraion! This will be your ticket so you must keep it on yourself during the whole time of the tournament, because security personell can ask for it. Youalso should memorize your call sing because during the tournament, because we will call you by it.

Ticket samples: I hope you will like just as much as you like the hangar bay loot cards 😉 The only difference will be, that where you can see the Red Squadron Pilot text it will be replaced with you call sign!

2017.09.18 – Hangar Bay loots:

During the Hangar Bay side event, each time you win a match, you are entitled for one of the amazingly designed (by Drenus’ Art) alt art pilot cards. The loots in the different rounds: Fenn Rau, Miranda Doni and “Omega Leader”. Those who made it into the TOP 16 cut of the Nationals competition and therefore could not compete in the Hangar Bay side event, automatically wins all the three cards, so you don’t have to drop from the main event to win these beauties 😉

2017.09.17 – Hangar Bay side event rules:

1.) You have to bring two standard squads that follow the 100-point maximum. These squads will use the same damage deck and obstacles.

2.) The squadrons should also comply with the Distinct Rule, which states that each of your squads cannot use any of the same ship models, pilot cards, upgrade cards, or unique names as your other squad.

3.) The Hangar Bay side event consist of 3 swiss round.

2017.08.21 – Dear Players, the registration is now open. The preliminary registration and the selling of discounted, prepayed tickets will end on 24.09.2017. 11:59PM! May the Force be with you all!


2017.08.18 – Dear Players, the registration for the championship starts on 21st of August of 2017. (Monday), at 12:00 PM. For the type of tickets please follow this link. May the Force be with you all!


Time: 7-8th of October 2017.


  • 1. day: 6 round Swiss Tournament
  • 2. day: TOP16 Cut and Hangar Bay side event

Location: HungExpo

We welcome to our event every Hungarian and foreign players!

The official FFG Rules and FAQ will be valid at this event (link).

Awards: The official X-Wing National Tournament Kit, plus the tournament winner will be awarded with a unique and single printed Scarif playmat.

Main organizers:

  • Makfalvi Márton A. (GeekHub)
  • Kenessey Márton




Red Ace Ticket

Buying options: Prepayed by Paypal / Prepayed during hungarian EPT event in cash / Buying at the start of the event in cash
Price on prepayment: 3.750 HUF (~ 13 EUR)
Price at the start of the event: 4.750 HUF (~15.5 EUR)
Details: This ticket entitles you to participate in the main event plus the Hangar Bay side event in the case you didn’t make it to the final cut.
Additional info on Paypal prepayment: The due date for paying the Red Ace is 30th of September 2017. If you miss the due date please contact the organizer for additional options.

Blue Leader VIP Ticket

Buying options: Prepayed by Paypal
Price: 15.750 HUF (~ 52 EUR)
Maximum available tickets: 10 pcs!!!
Details: This ticket entitles you to everything described in Red Ace Ticket plus an exclusive limited playmat prepared, and available only for this event.
Additional info on payment: You have exactly one week to fulfill the paymant after reciving the payment request via paypal. If you miss the due date, your VIP tickets can be sold to other participants by the organizer. However after this you can still buy other types of tickets.
Additional info on the playmat: The playmat is uniquely designed by local artist Ferenc Patkós (Drenus’ Art) for this event and only available to purchase with the Blue Leader VIP ticket. The size of the playmat is the standard 3×3 feet, and the material is very similar to the official FFG playmats. Please note that the ticket contains only the playmat, without playmat tube.



Gold Squadron Pilot Ticket

Buying options: Prepayed by Paypal / Prepayed during hungarian EPT event in cash / Buying at the start of the event in cash
Price on prepayment: 1.000 HUF (~ 4 EUR)
Price at the start of the event: 1.500 HUF (~6 EUR)
Details: This ticket entitles you to participate ONLY in the Hangar Bay side event.
Additional info on payment: The due date for paying the Gold Squadron Tickets is 15th of September 2017. If you miss the due date please contact the organizer for additional options.

Additional info on prepayment during EPT: The EPT is an irregular mini championship held in every 2-3 weeks in Budapest. For further info please contact the Organizer.

We will return soon with more info, and the site will continously expand!