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Enjoy a refreshing drink with a panda! A set of two drinking straws with green bamboo stalk designs, the cute and friendly pandas perch atop to add an exotic twist to your favourite drink. The final flourish to any cocktail or mocktail, this touch of Oriental flavour garnishes your drink with the cutest of animals. Featuring distinctive black and white panda bear figures clutching onto the bamboo style straws, the Panda Straws add an additional splash of colour to liven up refreshments and ‘bamboo-zle’ your friends! A perfect gift for kids, the Panda Straws are ideal for parties, and provide fun amusement as a more interesting alternative to standard drinking straws. The straws can be washed out after use to be used again and again.

Panda Straws are part of the Noki gift range from Paladone.Noki aims to create humorous quirky gifts for everyday use at home. With a focus on being fun and functional, Noki gifts are a great way to liven up the kitchen, making everyday accessories more enjoyable.


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