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Űrtartalma: kb. 550 ml

A mighty brew for Earth’s mightiest heroes! Enjoy a hero sized mug of your favourite drink with this Marvel Comics Character Mug! Featuring a full decal design with all your favourite Marvel Comics characters, this large mug (capacity approx. 550ml) is just the thing to satisfy even the biggest hero’s thirst.

A great collector’s item that includes all the most popular characters from the Marvel Universe. Hugely popular with fans of all ages and both sexes, Marvel Comics first came to worldwide prominence in the 1960s thanks to the work of artists and writers such as Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. With an unrivalled cast of characters including Spider-Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man among many many others, Marvel has gained even greater popularity than ever before thanks to the release of a number of high profile blockbuster films – establishing the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The original comics have seen a resurgence of interest since the success of the films, with fans keen to explore more of the world that brought these iconic heroes to life in the first place. This Character Mug is an officially licensed Marvel Comics product, making it a great gift as well as the perfect piece of fan memorabilia.

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