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Akarsz valami igazán geeket! Ez a batman ajándék lámpa amit kerestél! Nem csak Gothamot őrzi, de az asztalod, polcod vagy szekrényed! Kell!

(20cm magas)

Illuminate your room and have your favourite superhero – the Caped Crusader – by your side with this Batman Collectible Light. The Dark Night himself stands proud inside the bell jar, which is illuminated when switched on. The Batman Collectible Light has a touch on and off functionality and stands at approximately 20cm (8”) tall. It is powered using a micro USB cable. This super-cool Batman Collectible Light makes a great gift for lovers of the Batman franchise and is perfect for use on your desk, shelves or as a bedside light.

Batman is an instantly recognisable brand, and has transcended his comic book origins to become a cultural icon for over 70 years. First appearing in Detective Comics in 1939, the crime fighting anti-hero is the vigilante alter ego of billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne. Batman is a hero to both adults and children the world over, making the Batman Watch a perfect gift for any comic book or superhero fan, as well as being a great piece of Batman memorabilia.

The Batman Collectible Light is an officially licensed Batman product.


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