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When the cape just won’t do, go for the poncho. Keep the rain at bay with this reusable hooded rain poncho, perfect for those days when even Batman thinks twice about venturing out.
The Batman Poncho is a one-size-fits-all waterproof rain poncho with hood, designed to be lightweight so it can easily be carried until you need it most.
Styled all in black just like the iconic crime fighting hero, the rain poncho is the perfect accessory for any and all dark nights. The poncho also features Batman’s instantly recognizable ‘Bat’ logo across the chest, consisting of a black bat silhouette on a yellow oval background.
Batman is the legendary comic book hero from DC Comics. First appearing in Detective Comics in 1939, he has since gone on to become a global icon of popular culture, featuring in blockbuster movies such as Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, as well as countless TV versions, graphic novels, and video games like Arkham Knight.
This Batman Poncho takes inspiration from the fun, cheeky original comics and early TV series, where Batman’s cartoon style antics brought joy and humour to millions.
The Batman Poncho is an officially licensed DC Comics product.


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